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6th February 2017

pool heating?

Being asked about whether a property  has pool heating or not, always makes me think. People ”feel” temperatures so differently eg I love a very  hot bath and Tony , who gets in after me – that was AFTER me! – always complains the water is too hot! So taking the tiny experiment wider to pools, what’s to say that one holiday makers warm is anothers scorching hot! Very difficult!

Pool water temperature is affected by many things eg the type of heating system versus the volume of water in a the pool ie the heater should be big enough! How long the water takes to heat up -normally 24 hours – and mainly, the outside air temperature and elements.

So, in July and August, when the sun is beating down it’s 40 degrees plus rays on us and the pools have this constantly shining on them, the water temperatures tend to be in the region of early 30s: warm and sometimes not too refreshing! In November, when the air temperature daytime is normally warm but the nights are cold, using pool heating, the pool water can be a very pleasant 30 plus degrees as long as the pool is covered at night and when not in use daytime. However, if the air temperature drops, then even warm pool water can feel cooler – it’s not like a bath.

We’re testing pool heating at home. I love it in Springtime when I can exercise in a warm pool once I’ve plucked up the courage (am talking March time) to shed my towel and get into the water. The rest of Spring, the pool feels more and more comfortable, not because it’s any warmer but because the weather is warmer. We switch it off by early May and don’t put it back on again until start of November – though I’ve yet to venture into the pool Dec/Jan or Feb!

The sea is amazingly warm in winter. Even yesterday, as we walked along the coast, there were many people enjoying the 16 degrees heat of the sun and playing in the sea! By December, the sea is like a bath and gorgeous!

We do have villas with heated pools for holiday makers who really want this. These include Aarabella, Garlands, Maria Francesca, Coral Rosa … and others being fitted, so please do ask us specifically for villas with heated pools. Or maybe imagine just how refreshing it is to jump into a sparkling clean pool, whose welcoming watering wrap you in  just the natural temperature you need! for villas with heated pools , or not!

Category: Cyprus Villas News