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1st January 2010

Polka dots and perspective

So there i was tonight, having finished work at the unheard of hour of 6pm, parading around our pool in my new (and much loved definitely NOT itsy bitsy teeny weeny )yellow polka dot bikini, when Tony came home.

Not know for his sensitivity, he took one look at my, with my frilled bikini bottoms flowing in the wind and just laughed, saying something along the lines of , “What the H*** is that? Why are you wearing it? I’ve seen you look better but not much worse!”………

So, said bikini and I are sleeping in the huffy bed tonight and neither of us will acknowledge HIM for a few days!

Not that I don’t understand his point BUT I’m female, sensitive and felt quite happy in these majestic yellow and white dots! Okay, so I’m not a super model but I felt super and was quite happy to model for my animals – and they love me!

Jake is now eating one of Tonys favourite shoes, with another waiting close by……..Stop him?? How could I? He’s a puppy and needs his nutrition?

“She was not afraid to come out of the villa, la , la ,la – not afraid of what husband might say, la la la:~ she was not scared to come out of the villa coz she’d got a B plan on the way: two three four, give the pup what he adores!”…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News