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2nd January 2013

Poignant Power……

The father of my beautiful baby sister, Stephanie, my step father Bill, is very ill now and has spent a lot of time in hospital recently. Now he is on oxygen and, in his early 80s, is very weak but still very much a loving father and grandfather.

Sensibly getting his affairs in order to ensure he and his family can be cared for, Bill has been to see his solicitor and sorted out that Steph will be able to take legal responsibility when the need arises.

My Mum was telling me this yesterday and mistakenly told me Steph had been given, ‘Power of Eternity’ for her Dad……

Oh, how I wish that were true and we could all have power of eternity. ………but then again, maybe we have: love is eternal and when it comes down to it, thats the power we have : to love.

with love to Steph and Bill x

Category: Cyprus Villas News