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1st January 2010

poetry and life

I’ve just been re-reading the Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann. Its the most beautiful poem about taking life as it is and remembering what is important. The first line, “Go placidly amongst the noise and haste”….sums up what most of us try to do on a daily basis!

Sometimes its hard to keep perspective, isn’t it? Life happens/mix ups occur/things go wrong, however unwittingly – and the “noise” increases and pieces have to be picked up and put right. It has to be all for a reason.

I’ve tried always to view the more “demanding” holidaymakers as the ones who’ll make us work harder and smarter coz their demands will tell us what is really needed in the villa/s and their comments will have some essence of fact.

Its hard to maintain that stance when one holidaymaker in a villa in Peyia commented that his complaint was (very seriously), “The birds sing too loudly in the mornings”……..

What a drag!

And the area is currently covered in butterflies, whose wings are amazing colours – and the goat bells are echoing further across the hillsides because some of the foliage has fallen from the trees. Even the singing from the distant tavernas is sounding a little more close, as the night air cools and stills………..

Its a hard life somedays – but its a good life here always. Just got to keep that in mind and find the more “placid” route amongst the noise and challenges before blowing a fuse or two and wasting unnecessary energy!

(Misquote from Desiderata): “For all its faults, flaws and challenges, Cyprus is still a beautiful island”…..