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5th November 2016

Playing shops

When I was a little girl, my sister Maxine and I , would ”play shops” with my Nanna. We had a small wooden shop front where we would ”stock” various items we had taken from the cupboards and Nanna would come to buy from us.

Of course, it was never about the shopping. It was all about the stories Nanna would tell us about her friends and pretend people she’d met on her way to our shop. Great fun!

Now, though am older though not quite grown up, I hate shopping with a passion: I’m a strange woman I know – but I hate it and wouldn’t thank you for offering to take me to a city/shopping mall/shopping extravaganza – I just find it all completely pointless BUT I love ”playing shops” which is what I can do in Peyia village. Let me explain…

We have everything we need in our village. Under the guise of getting the essentials eg bread, butter, wine and , er, more wine, I can nip into Philippos Supermarket or the veg shop and spend hours talking to the locals I meet. This morning, I nattered with Stephanos, owner of The Jail; chatted with Michalis, of the famous Peyia Tavern and giggled with  Andreas, from Geitonia. Miraculously, I also remembered to pick up some stuff and am going to bake this pm!

Shopping is great when it’s a people not a purchases thing. I think I finally understand why mothers and daughters in the North East, hit the shops every Saturday – it’s to talk to each other, not necessarily spend money, though they manage that too!

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