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1st January 2010

Playing nurse and housekeeper

What a few days! Tony is still quite poorly with an awful ear infection which is getting him down – but getting me down more coz he keeps saying “pardon” every time I speak to him. I tried to escape to see the lovely Susie F, but she is poorly too so I’m having to leave her in peace while The Great Raymondodoulou looks after her….

At home, Charlie is in sick bay, nursing what I thought was a broken leg but seems to have been a very bad strain which is healing – though he is loving the attention, cream and extra treats to his Meze which he gets twice daily. Alfie is rattling along on his daily doses of medicine, bless him and Jake has something large and hard stuck to his tail (!) and he won’t let me get it. I worried it was a lizard but its not – so it can stay till he moves it himself.

Thankfully, Molly and I are on fine form and, other than welcoming guests into the October sunshine and to villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, she and I are spending our evenings watching lovely sunsets then catching up on the soaps. Molly loves Neighbours and I just love Molly, so I’ll watch whatever she wants to !

The weekend draws near and brings with it loads of arrivals for gorgeous apartments and lovely villas in Peyia, so I’m going to rest, cuddle Molly , have a LARGE gnt and watch the stars again…….

Tomorrow, I’ll care for mine, animal, vegetable and mineral then check the villas are ready. Who said life wasn’t exciting!

Get well soon Susie! xx