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1st September 2012

playing havoc in Spain……

Tony Without Teeth (Tonys Mum ) and Bill The Bold (Tonys mums deaf lover) are in Spain, holidaying with Mike, Tonys brother and his two children.

The journey there wasn’t without incident. Bill The Bold was asked (nicely) by someone in the airport, to move aside – and didn’t hear them. so they asked again and again , Bill didn’t hear them. So the man nudged Bill to get his attention – and almost got his fist!

On a boat trip yesterday, Tony Without Teeth fell over coz she shouted to Bill The Bold for help in keeping her balance – pardon – fell and hurt her leg again: Same leg she hurt here in Cyprus last year but she hasn’t apparently, had the same TLC there as she had here.

Mike and I wondered if TWT was hankering after staying a little longer in the sunshine and thought the hospitals there were as good as here – but they are not. Bill The Bold settled himself into the bed next to TWT and thought all would be well, till the nurses shouted at him and he said, “pardon” so many times, they’ve left him there…….

Its really sad for TWT and also for Bill, who celebrates his birthday this week. 88 I think. We all want to sing to him but………….

One good thing is that he can now pass wind freely with gay abandon coz “no-one” can hear! Well he cannot so why say pardon? ……

Happy days, ole!

Category: Cyprus Villas News