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4th December 2012

Playing Doctors and Nurses

I have to admit that, when I put my key in our front door and begin to open it, my heart is often in my mouth. The dogs and Charlie Cat normally have someone around the house looking after them when I’m at work, particularly now Alfie is so poorly but yesterday, I went to work for 2 hours and left them happily snuggled up together in the house.

Jake, Molly and Alfie are a happy 3some who just sleep or play the time away…..what I didn’t realise was that, yesterday, their plan was to play “doctors and nurses”. Let me explain….

Alfies wound requires 2 times daily washing, packing the holes left from tumours, gel then gauze cover, then nappies to “pad out” the missing flesh, then bandages. It takes approx 30 mins and both Tony and I do it. During this, Alfie stands patiently and the other two, normally watch.

I’d forgotten my phone yesterday so returned home only minutes after leaving – and there was Molly, merrily running around the room trailing bandages from her mouth, very proudly. They looked like kites flying behind her and she was delighted!
Jake had the two nappies, stuck on one side of his body – and Alfie had gel laden gauge in his mouth – and the wound was uncovered yet still clean.

Either they were practising care of their big furry brother – or they had a pact to help him get out of the bandages which he obviously doesn’t like!

Today, Alfie is going to see Annie and Nikolas for his weekly check up so goodness knows what Molly and Jake will do for fun!

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