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1st January 2010

Playing doctors and nurses….

Please read on: its not one of “those” blogs: is actually quite sweet for those of us who love our animals…..
Am laid up at home, in bed, suffering from a horrible infection in my lung and feeling very sorry for myself. Luckily for me, Wireless Internet was invented for Tony to bring me the laptop so I can do all of the enquiries for holidays in our lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia.
Luckily still, is the fact that I’m being well looked after by Dr Charlie (cat) and Nurse Molly Mou , who haven’t let the bed for the past 3 days, staying close to me, cuddled up to me and sharing whatever food Tony brings to me. Molly pulls my covers back when she thinks I’m too hot and Charlie wraps himself around my head when he thinks there is a draft on it.
Molly ate the bread which came with my soup and Charlie “cleaned” the bowl when I couldnt finish it.
They accompany me to the toilet, try to hide their own “offerings” whilst I attend to mine and are currently trying to help me write this blog.
I may feel terrible today but I also feel very blessed to have these beautiful little animals trying to help me recover quickly, by showering me with so much love and punching each other if one gets a bigger cuddle than the other!
Their company is just the medicine I need!