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1st January 2010

playing chicken

It was all going so well. My cousin, who I hadn’t seen for almost 17 years and her beautiful family, visited us for a BBQ. Friends, Karen and Wayne were staying too, while their beautiful new villa in Peyia is being completed.

We’d had a great lunch, little bit of sparkly champagne to celebrate getting together then fed the dogs some bits of meat, when Charlie cat decided he was having the chicken which Jake also wanted – and they had a fight!

Now Charlie is a little cat who would be a tiger and Jake is 11.5 stones. We stopped them immediately but not until they’d pushed each other around a bit – and now Charlie has gone into hiding……………

I am totally heartbroken. It was one of those moments which happen too often in life; where the happiness is abruptly stopped over a simply mistake which causes hurt. Am praying Charlie is just sulking in next doors house (but they are out and not answering their phone) or that he is hiding in our house, in the huff with us all.

Jake is upset too. No-one is speaking to him using the “you are big and should know better” line – but he is a dog. Charlie is a cat and thats what animals do – fight over food.

If I could have a moment back, to replay again differently, that would be it. I pray only that Charlie comes home soon and forgives us for being human – and Jake for being Jake.

Category: Cyprus Villas News