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1st January 2010

Playing a part!

Well, to probably misquote Helen Keller, ‘Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all’….and thats certainly true of living here.

Its only 10.20 am and so very much has happened already …..we’ve bought cakes and eaten them; I’ve been to see Annie and Nikolas, Alfies lovely vets; we’ve exchanged greetings with two of our favourite owners, Alex and Liz who celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary ; a crane has revolved and cannot be erased (Russian guests – don’t ask!); booked taxis; booked a wedding and booked more holidays….

Men have visited our office, partially clothed and Sam has taken a young Cypriot man into the toilets (!) – and we’re now planning which actresses will play us in the film version of our lives here……….phew!

Sam wants Kate Winslett, Tina is Meryl Streep and the jury is out on me. Tony is, of course, George Clooney!

Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News