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9th April 2011

Planting the evidence….

Its a busy morning in the Bell household here in our home in Peyia. With arrivals to many villas and changeovers in Villa Chadis, Villa Sea View and Bay View apartment in Peyia, I’ve a lot to do!

The dogs know I need to be “efficient” this morning so they are playing me up big style! Alfie is “nipping my bum” playfully as I try to walk past; Molly has a mouthful of tonys socks and keeps falling over them; Charlie has two friends around for breakfast and Jake is trying to hide in the corner coz I’ve just shouted at him!

Why? Well, Tony planted a beautiful , large plant in our lounge yesterday – actually, he replanted it due to doggy interference a few days ago. This morning, there is soil all over the lounge, the plant is on its side – and no-one will own up to doing it! Interesting, Jakes nose and mouth and covered in thick black soil, as is his front left paw and when he walks, a “haze” of fresh grow bag soil follows up?

Call me a detective, but we’ve caught our culprit, “red pawed”!…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News