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1st January 2010

Plans and airplanes……

The song has to be rewritten: a version along the lines of, “We’re getting married in the morning- well, maybe if the airline can find a pilot and get out flight to take off from UK to Cyprus sometime in the next few days…….”

Claire and Jamie are en route to us to stay in lovely villas in Kissonerga. Or rather, they aren’t en route. Delayed since 7.45am this morning, their flight STILL hadn’t left at 3pm today. And they are coming to get married! The wedding is Thursday and I’m very excited coz we’ve organised the whole affair – and its shaping up to be a wonderful day: just need a bride and groom.

This unfortunate pair have had so many troubles leading up to this wedding – all caused by Cyprus related incidents: I’m just praying that, once they land, they can relax and enjoy a few days before their nuptials. Then the prayer is for a great day and that I’ve not overlooked anything! (Sleeping, moi? Non!).

More on that later in the week.

Its the start of the Cypriot annual holidays today. We’ve checked two great families into Villa Aaraabella and Villa Kayto this pm. Now Cypriots are not organised when it comes to booking hols and only enquired with us a few weeks ago about availability. Luckily, these two gorgeous villas had just come on the books and were free. They are also side by side, which the families are thrilled about and, best of all, they are stunning and superb value: so it was smiles all round when we opened the doors on each villa and the guests stepped inside! EVEN better, we’ve been invited around for coffee too!

The holiday spirit is flowing through the streets of the village and resort. There are Cypriots everywhere – yes, I know its Cyprus but we are normally surrounded by tourists, not Cypriots. But that has changed today and its wonderful. There is music and laughter, chatting and coffee going on everywhere: the whole area has come alive. On Thursday night, Peyia village hosts the Annual free concert and knees up in the Municipal grounds, so we’re in for a fantastic week.

Course, whether anyone else gets here to join in is in the lap of the gods just now, or rather the lap of the missing pilots! There are SO many delays to flights coming here, people aren’t off to the best start for their hols today- and the locals /islanders are stealing a march on the best seats in the restaurants before the tourists get here!

Will keep you informed. Well, I plan to but we’ll see how the week goes………..