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5th February 2012

plain clothes………….

Sadly, there was a petty theft crime in one of villas last night. Its so annoying that some of the younger, unemployed people here or sometimes, a tourist, are so hard up that they chose to steal – but it happens the world over.

The police in peyia were overloaded today with many serious matters, including the sad death of a young man who passed with a heart attack, so there was no-one to help in the case of the theft before the guests left at noon for the airport – so the policemen asked if I would go and take the statement and get it signed!

I would have laughed if they hadn’t been so serious about it! Couldn’t believe they actually wanted help in what was a police matter but so it was.

Sadly, I didn’t get a uniform or to arrest anyone suspicious but I’ve now a little black notebook and plan to use it!

Category: Cyprus Villas News