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16th February 2021

Pillow Talk!

Getting the Cyprus holiday villas ready for arrivals doesn’t happen overnight.

The owners of the many lovely villas, as so good in ensuring they buy the best they can for the villas: that the villas have everything a holiday maker could need – and that each is presented in a pretty and clean manner.

Things go wrong from time to time but that is life and anything that can be done, is always one quickly and with good humour. Like in ”real life”, villas and houses bring challenges which need attention. Luckily, we work with excellent owners and  a great team of repairers and suppliers, so help is on hand if needed.

These recent times have brought many unforeseen challenges; the villas stand empty and whilst they are looked after with care and attention, I feel sad that they seem to ”be sad” and cannot WAIT for the world to return to some sort of normal again so that we can welcome holiday makers back to Coral Bay and Peyia villas.

Speaking of ”real life”, I’m having a bit of challenge with my beloved and his appreciation of what constitutes making a home look loved and pretty – and what doesn’t. I suspect it’s a , ”man thing” but it drives my mad – irrationally so – but I’m a Virgo, female and at a funny age – so I’m allowed!

What am I talking about? Well, Tony has a very painful neck. No, he has the WORST PAIN IN HIS NECK EVER! And no, I’m not talking about me – though that would explain a lot! I’m talking about a nasty pain which has been coming and going now for a few years but has got a whole lot worse.

What’s this got to do with a pretty house? Well, get this! I’ve got a bedding fetish, so every bed set matches. From pillowcases on the top to the pillow cases on the bottom, all co-ordinate in colour and style. They match the curtains and the ornaments in that room.

Unfortunately, on a nightly basis, Tony is getting up, bringing a pillow in from another room to try to see if it’s more comfortable for him BUT he just picks it up and puts it in place of the colour I have chosen – so I wake up to what amounts to a clashing colour SHOUTING at me as I come into being from my slumber!

I’m mean! Bright orange this morning, in a calming sea of violet and cream! I nearly had a radgy fit!

So I try to stay calm, ask if the new pillow is okay (and it normally is), so I change the pillow cases over , giving Tony comfort and me peace  , then returning the ”naughty colour” to it’s rightful set – and what happens? I wake up the next morning to a NEW, completely loud colour and have to bite my lip again!

Irrational ? yes, I accept it is but really, would it be so hard to match the pillow cases to keep me sweet even though it’s the middle of the night and he is in pain!

Yes, I’m horrible but pillow talk continues…….

have a lovely, co-ordinating day! x