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1st January 2010

Pies, peas and mushy bananas

My mum lives close to us in Peyia, near Coral Bay. This is despite Tony telling her we’d moved to Rhodes, so she wouldn’t find us! They like each other really: Tonys favourite joke is, a mans mother in law knocks on his front door carrying her cases and the man opens the door. “Can I stay here for a few days?”, she asks. “Yes, of course”, he replies, closing the door on her…….

Anyway, today Mum baked for Tony: all of his favourite pies and pasties. She invited friends of ours around to share the spoils too and we all had pie and peas – and very mushy bananas that our friend Garry had “picked” off the road on his way to Mums. (Well, he is from Yorkshire and wine is expensive: 1.78cyp per bottle so the bananas were cheaper!!).

All was going well until one of us opened a very mushy banana and Tony told the story of the little snake who lives in mushy bananas but who is very poisonous to people……..

Garrys bananas are in the field now and he was last seen with a torch, scouring his car for any stray mushy banana snakes…….

We’re off to meet other reptiles in the pub where Garry may join us later!

Thanks Mum!

Category: Cyprus Villas News