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19th May 2019

Pie, Squared……

So, on a very hot day, when my hard working husband is continuing to imbue the deep challenges of really understanding how to clean pool water, to make it healthy and safe for people to swim in , I am baking!

Why? Because I was born with a huge over developed sense of responsibility to please the people around me and, while I’ve grown out of most of it, (or for that, had it ”knocked out of me over years of dealing with insincere people), I still want to make Tony happy to come home – and he loves pies!

Having just lifted the pies out of the oven, I remembered a conversation I had with Tony last evening, during which he was reminding me how to calculate the surface area of a round or kidney shaped pool, (yawn), which I know is VERY important in terms of understanding how much of each chemical to administer but which involves the use of Pi , ie is 3.142. Now I never ”got” this at school during Math: I think I’m logical but I wanted to understand WHAT this 3.142 was. Not just it’s name but WHY?…..

…..and it came  to pass that I scraped a B in Math but am a particular good baker of Pies in the traditional, don’t need to be measured sense!

So Tony is coming home to a choice of two, each of which he’ll sample and devour, no doubt with minty peas – and I am making a note to myself: It’s a beautiful day! Get out there girl!

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