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1st January 2010

Pick up your bed and wag your tail…..

With Tony in America, I’ve been a bit lonely in the evenings, other than when I’ve been checking in clients. Last night, I was home fairly early, just after 10pm but a storm which had been threatening for a few hours earlier, was in full throws as I walked up the steps to our home.

As expected, the dogs and Charlie cat were snuggled up together upstairs in the lounge, which is just off our bedroom. What I didnt expect to see, was that the pillows from the downstairs bedroom where the dogs normally snooze part of the day away, were also in the lounge with them – and the quilt from the downstairs bedroom was half way up the staircase.

Jake was cuddling one of the pillows and “smiling ” at me: I realised he’d decided that it would be better for he and his gang, as well as for me, if they all kept me company upstairs. And knowing i wouldn’t let them in my bed (just in case Tony is reading this!), they’d brought their own….

and they say dogs don’t understand!

Category: Cyprus Villas News