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15th January 2014

Phrases and praises

Its been a great day! I’ve been doing potential holiday lettings viewings on Villa Deborah and Villa Garlands today for a lovely Cypriot family who come from Nicosia to Coral Bay every August for their holidays. They’ve come for a few days now to look at potential villas for them and their families and particularly loved these two villas. In fact, Georgia, one of the Cypriot ladies, couldn’t praise the furnishings/location and sparkling pools enough! It was great – and deserved too : these are gorgeous villas!

As the family were leaving, the ‘father‘ of the family thanked me for my time and said to me: “Mrs Lynn. Thank you for your time. I am very interesting”

I know he meant, ‘interested’ but I had to stop a smile! Maybe he was trying to proposition me? LOL!…….