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1st January 2010

Phoning a friend?…..

Jake stole my mobile phone off the coffee table last night. He wouldn’t give it back, so Tony rang it and Jake got a fright, but didn’t leave the phone. Instead, he tried to swallow it and to run away from the noise!

Tony chased him downstairs, shouting at him but also laughing at the fact the big daft dog didn’t realise that the phone was ringing inside his mouth, so if he put the phone down, he’d be free of the noise!

There was only one thing for it: pretend to be hosepipes. Jake is terrified of them. So Tony took the rear and I got the front, and hosepipe play commenced…..

Jake dropped the phone but not before biting through the whole back case. Its still working today, which is a testament to Samsung. Don’t think they will ever have ‘akita’ tested their phones but trust me, the phone survives!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News