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1st January 2010


How lucky are we today? My Mums hospital tests have revealed that , whilst she is ill, its not as terrible as we’ve thought all week and she will, with care, be strong and well again. Molly has been given the “freedom” today of having her stitches taken out and her “lampshade collar” taken off. She is thrilled to bits, as are we…

Tonys Mum and Bill have had a great holiday with us, despite the fact that we’ve hardly seen them – or maybe because of this! We’ve had some laughs with them: Joan, Tonys mum, loves a bargain and we realised she was wearing “Spiderman” glasses, which she said she got for one pound in her local store- so we now call her “Spider Gran!”

Bill, her youthful 87 year old fella, locked her in the bedroom for the afternoon during the week. We’ve been impressed that he feels strong enough to have a “sex slave” at his tender years- but Joan wasn’t laughing!

In all, the end to the week has been far better than the start to it. I’m counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars for Mums and Molly health, family and few very close friends around us – and sense of humour (which has been stretched to the limit!).

Now just need to get my blood pressure back down to somewhere near normal and I’m ready for arrivals day tomorrow ! Bring it on! x

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