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1st January 2010

Peyia tavern – the place to be on a Saturday

We had a great night last night, sat in the centre of our lovely village of Peyia, in Michaels (Peyia Tavern) with Karen, Wayne, their neice Charlotte and Waynes mum and dad, AJ and Jean.
The food is always good: local, fresh and served with such bon homie, you cannot help but feel welcome – and interested in why Michael is always smiling and looking full of mischief!
We watched many of the guests staying in our villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia, come and go to The Mill or Vrissi, or eat with us in Michaels.
The views from the terrace there, are stunning. The backdrop to the magnificent village church and rooftops of Pineapolis and the nearby streets, was the golden sunset which turned firey red before settling to sleep. Then the lights twinkled, the wine and stories flowed and we all counted our blessings (again) for being in this great environment with such good people.
Michael is such a kind man: years ago, before we set up our business, we’d been sat in there with him when a very frustrated taxi driver rushed in, explained to Michael that he had a young family with a baby in his taxi and couldn’t find their apartment. He told Michael the baby and new mum, were getting very upset – so Michael promptly packed a stack of food, milk, got keys to an apartment he owns and told the driver, a friend of his, to just take them there for the night and let them rest, explaining they could look again for the apartment, in daylight
Thats the sort of kind hearts we have in this village – and that kindness is priceless

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