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1st January 2010

Peyia Saturday Breakfast

With a hugely busy arrivals and departures weekend upon us, I’ve taken a moment to have a decent breakfast at home on the hill in Peyia…..

I blame Carole and Mike, Tonys Aunt and Uncle. Until they stayed here, I was content to grab toast or even go ‘very exotic’ and have yoghurt with honey but oh no, dear reader, I’ve been told that Saturday breakfast is ‘it’ and should be respected so….

I finished 3 hours of ironing mountain, Tony is at work and Molly and Charlie are asleep, so I made myself a plate of brown toast with real butter, smoked salmon and lemon/herb scrambled eggs – and they were delicious!

Course, think they needed a glass or two of bubbly to go with them so when Twosheds and Armani get here (soon, I hope), we’ll be adding this to the mix………

Now I’ve got to do arrivals……but my tummy is very happy!

Category: Cyprus Villas News