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23rd October 2019

Peyia: it’s a people thing!

I was asked a great question by a man I was talking to on the phone the other day. He asked if I was happier living in Peyia than I was when living in the UK. I really had to think about the answer too!

The short answer is , no but yes, living here does bring a lot of happiness. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to live here but I was very happy living in the UK too. Being a bit of a Pollyanna, I like everything and everyone so chose a long time ago to be happy, regardless of location, circumstance or challenge.

Life isn’t easy for anyone. Living in the sunshine is great – especially waking up every morning to blue skies but the seasons are lovely too.  Coming to live in Peyia almost 18 years ago wasn’t my choice: my husband wanted to live here and I came with him because I wanted to be with him – though I also wanted to punch him at the time too, for making the decision to move here!

Anyway, life is what you make it, isn’t it? We’ve got a great life here . It’s very much quieter and more ”real” than it was in the UK. We’ll never be rich or have storming careers but we’ve got two good businesses, work with such a good group of people in our teams and live in a village which is all about community and are surrounded by so much natural beauty, it’s amazing.

It makes me very happy that family and friends come to stay with us and we get to spend ”quality time” with them – though I really wish we had more of that . I”m also happy to meet the many and varied holiday guests who entrust their holidays to us. The world is so full of interesting people – and I’m a naturally nosey Geordie so I get to know an awful lot of people!

The expats in Peyia are a colourful crowd too! There is much innovation and incredible creativity. Many of them run great businesses and then take time to follow their dreams, creating eg paintings or souvenirs; food or offering healing – it’s inspiring and humbling too.

I wish I had the words to explain life here: working hours are long and there’s no such thing as a day off as we’re on call 24/7 but we are surrounded by gentle, authentic locals Cypriot people mixed with those from different countries who come to Cyprus to work to pay for their families or come to make family life here…….Most of us do two or three different jobs because we have to but , in the main, everyone looks out for everyone else and celebrates life and the life events which touch each of us.

In fact, the more I think about it, I am happier here than in the UK – or my soul is more at peace is perhaps a better way to phrase this. Life and people are valued here, in quiet day to day, moment by moment ways – and that is truly wonderful.

What would I change? The karaoke nights in a new Peyia café bar once per week! And a neighbour who believes he is Elvis- especially after a lot of beer! But I suspect these are western world problems and not only Peyia ones!

It’s a great village and a good life – and you’re welcome to come and see this for yourself!

To rent a villa with a clean pool or an apartment in a great location, email for details to – and be happy!


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