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1st January 2010

Peyia FC unplugged!

Only in Peyia! We’ve been to the match this afternoon to cheer on Peyia against Onofrious (who’ve just won the Championship). And did Peyia need some cheering on! What a shower of a game – and I’m a girlie when it comes to footie! It was terrible.

The only great things about it were:

– the hairstyles of the men in the crowd are FAB! How many hairpieces in one stadium, I ask ? And how many actually fit? Great people watching!

– the tightness of the jeans on the gorgeous young girls looking to be footballers wives, gets worse and worse – (or am I jealous? Probably!!)

– no other stadium looses its full lighting system during the match and has to survive on the lights from mobile phones in the crowd for 10 minutes!

Its SUCH a funny event: everyone who comes on holiday here should have to attend at least one match, just for the experience! In fact, if the team were made up on people staying in the holiday villas, maybe we’d win?

I’ve even asked Tony (an ex professional football player – mmmm, with GREAT legs!), to dust off his shin pads and get himself a game. And thinking about it, maybe I should play too….).

Did we win?

Course not!

There’s always next season – when jeans are going to be even tighter and hairpieces , even more silly. I cannot wait!