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1st January 2010

Pets and pittas

Jake has had two pitta breads held hostage now for a couple of nights. Thats funny enough but what is more laughable is that he is holding them in the space between the sofas in our living area, so we cannot go into the lounge/towards the TV/to the lights/to the windows, without being well and truly told off by the hostage keeper! We’re hoping he’ll fall asleep soon and let us grab the opportunity to release his captives back to their homeland- or at least the bin!

I was out and about today telling a few of our villa guests about this and they were all laughing – but agreed it was best to leave him until he gets bored!

One of our returning family of villa guests, the lovely Hutchisons, went home today. I was very sad to see them go: they are a great family – and I loved the even more today because, before they left, they showed me the “mummy cat” they’d adopted (or perhaps it was the other way around) and told me of her 3 babies, who were hidden in the bushes at the back of the villa.

Leaving a note in the guest book asking the incoming guests to care for mummy and her brood, they’d also left food – which was a great thing to do!

I’m looking forward to welcoming them again next year if not sooner!

Its bank holiday here tomorrow : the festival of Kataklysmos and Coral Bay is teaming with Cypriot families enjoying themselves. Tomorrow will see them teaching the rest of us how to enjoy the many generations of their gathered families and party together, whatever the ages. We’re looking forward to the day very much.

I was planning to take a pitta picnic with us to the celebrations but I’ll have to rethink that and get shopping, I think!

Category: Cyprus Villas News