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1st January 2010

Perspective – or lack of it!

I’ve woken to a peaceful morning on the Peyia hillside where we live. The dogs are still asleep and Charlie cat is out breakfasting with Gus cat next door , (for that read “stealing Gus’s breakfast!). Tony has rung to say he has just arrived in Dallas and is going to sleep before he and Paul start their exam tonight – well , yesterday tea time because of the time difference!

I cannot stop thinking how silly the past few weeks have been with the stress of the exams and journey coming up – and how many silly, unnecessary squabbles we’ve had during Tonys preparation. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, methinks (though the friends who know and love us know that isn’t true!!…..)

Anyway, today, I realise again, none of it really matters. We are both alive, healthy (though wearing tired and “lived in” bodies), have each other (god help us!) and a great family, made up of animals (my mum and sisters) and the dogs and Charlie – plus some fab friends. Forgive me being soppy but sometimes, you’ve just got to take stock and count your blessings and I am.

Course, got to get through today first: having done the last checkin to an apartment in Coral Bay at 2am this morning and more lined up for tonight, should be fun! (Must write on my hand, “count your blessings, count your blessings!)

Have a great day!

Category: Cyprus Villas News