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1st January 2010


It is so interesting meeting the holidaymakers who come to our lovely villas and apartments in Coral Bay

Most people are happy, interested in the area and delighted with their villas. Needing a holiday, they come with open minds and hearts, wanting to have fun! Its a pleasure to help them

There are a minority of people who come looking either for ‘trouble’ or looking for problems… I’ve realised many years ago that sometimes you just cannot do enough – whilst enough is all you can do! If someone ‘sees’ something a certain way, that is their reality and it has to be respected.

This past week, one of the busiest in the season, has brought some interesting new challenges to the fore eg: the question from one gentleman over ‘how to heat the pool’ (in mid august, in 40 degree heat?); and another on a holiday complex, ‘why don’t you stay here all day long and scoop the flies off the water?’….why indeed….but my favourite was a very strong Cypriot lady who commented, “the pool liner in this pool isn’t as blue as the one next door. I would prefer that colour blue liner’………

Yes, somedays, enough is enough!

Category: Cyprus Villas News