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1st January 2010

Perception and reality- the same the world over!

Jake is a huge, scary puppy! He weighs 10.5 stones (sorry, don’t “do” new money!) and stands 5feet 5 ins on his back paws……so some visitors are a little nervous!

In reality, Jake is a huge bundle of cuddle seeking fun and fur: we have to cuddle him constantly when he wakes up; when we come in from anywhere and before he goes to sleep. Alfie and Molly have to snuggle him – even the cats get their share of gentle loving from him- so he’s not so bad but looks tough!

Same goes for a few people we know too: in the past week, we’ve had to put up with the very misplaced view of an Englishman we know who lives here, who “dislikes the way the non english speak to each other”. Cannot stand the way the Cypriots use hand gestures (which they do regularly), when communicating…..doesn’t like the fact the man in the supermarket doesn’t acknowledge him everytime he goes to shop………….etc, etc, etc.

I found it really hard to stay civil whilst listening to the complaints: we’re all different; we’ve all got our own “warfare” going on in our minds – and there are many cultural differences to take into consideration.

In a nutshell, if we want people to behave as we do, think like we do, look like we do and respond like we do, we should support cloning!

If we want to embrace the world; learn compassion/understanding and respect differences, we should open our minds and hearts and enjoy the journey!

So much for Epiphany! It obviously passed some of us by – sadly, normally those of us living in a country to which don’t belong, trying to make it England!

In reality, charm and character come in many different forms: vive la difference!

Category: Cyprus Villas News