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1st January 2010

people and places

Well, its been a very busy week. Chez and Tallulah Bucket went home; Adrian and Michelle waved off Natasha, Tom and Madison – and we said hello to Sean, Louise and Charlie. Sean was a neighbour of ours from Yorkshire, who we haven’t seen for many years – and last night we had the great pleasure of getting to meet his partner, Louise and lovely son, Charlie.

Charlie, aged 4-going-on-60, bullied Jake into submission; discovered how to operate the water cooler then practised his operation every 5 seconds; kept running to check on Molly who was upstairs keeping out of the way……he was a total delight.

Also great was how much all of our friends who’ve been here this week,love Peyia and Coral Bay. Its easy for us to wax lyrical about the area but its better to come and see it for yourself.

One of the downsides of the busy season is that we haven’t seen The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie Floozy for a few weeks. Not that SF will be bothered: she’s got Margaret, her “bessie mate” staying, so they’ll be talking the hind legs off each other and won’t have even noticed our absence!

End of August draws near and with it a huge changeover of guests: those with children return to the UK for the school year starting and those without, come back to Cyprus to enjoy the September and the October sunshine….

I love this time of year – then again, I love all year around here!

Category: Cyprus Villas News