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1st January 2010

people and attitude

Its been a very interesting week in the world of villa holidays here in Peyia. With many regular guests in situ in their chosen villas, including the very lovely Bob and Caz who are in Teresa villa, its been a week of catching up and welcoming old friends as well as new.

Life being what it is, its also been a challenging week too from the perspective of accidents: each ‘encouraged’ by partaking of decent local wine and one resulting in a horrible fall down some unforgiving steps! I don’t do blood but luckily, we have a ‘nursing angel’ here called Mandy, who came with me to tend to the guest and who helped the man till the ambulance arrived………….thankfully, he’s going to be okay!

The one thing this week has brought home to me, again, is that people are many and varied and what happens is all about attitude. I’ve been blessed by being surrounded by great people with positive attitudes this week – long may it continue!

Thank you to all who’ve helped make this week , a very good one! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News