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1st January 2010


Life is fascinating here. We meet wonderful villa and apartment owners and share their journey through purchase and development of their dreams;excited holidaymakers, who make me feel like we hold their happiness in our arms so we fuss and care for them, lose sleep over them then celebrate with them when they’ve had a great time.

Suppliers, who call to do work for both, stop and chat. From Syria, Russian, Lebanon, America, Limassol, each have a story and all want to talk. I’ve decided that I have to do my work in my own time at home , early hours and late night and just open the office daytime to listen, learn and empathise………..its wonderful!

Course, it also gives me some good stuff to write babout: some of which I can blog, some of which I’ll be compiling separately for my own pleasure and reference for later………….you honestly couldn’t make some of the stuff up!

Maybe the sun shining makes people open up more and want to talk. It certainly makes me want to listen closely! And to share it with you of course! Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News