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1st January 2010

Peer pressure ……

The great thing about bringing Jake, the “puppy dog mountain” into our home, is that we’ve got Alfie, who is a very sensible and laid back German Shepherd, 7 years old plus Molly, age 3 and a lovely little dog – so we believed that Jake would be “influenced” by the other two and would quickly settle down.

Well, its true that the influence has happened but its been a little round the wrong way!

Today, Alfie, who doesn’t “do water”, has followed Jake down the steps into the pool where he is happily sat splashing about. Jake has also taught Alfie to vault over the sofa in the kitchen – and to chase Charlie cat whenever he walks in.

Molly has been taught to chase Charlie too – and Charlie was previously her best friend in the world – so its all going well. Not!

Jake is settling down. Tony took him to one of the villas in Peyia to meet the owners of the villa and Jake behaved like a total “gentleman”. Apparently he was gentle, charming and very docile……wonder if it will rub off on Tony?!

We’re still looking for a dog trainer: one with a huge sense of humour and very strong shoulders needed coz Jake is 8 stones of playful puppy.

This weekend, we’re escaping for 2 much needed nights away and leaving the family in the tender care of John and Sandra, whose pet sitting business saves the sanity of us and many friends. They’ve met Jake and STILL want to stay! Couldn’t believe it! I’ll have to brief them about Jakes latest thing – eating cushions – and simply pray all is well at home while we chill out.

Alfie normally behaves very well and Molly just wants cuddles. Jake is starting to really enjoy cuddles -but likes to sit on your knee, like Molly, while he is being cuddled.

Its all good fun! And, thank goodness, its all going to be a few hundred miles away from us for 48 hours! Are we doing the right thing in going away? I’ll let you know!