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11th February 2010

Pearls a winner!

Today , my lovely Mum and James celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary- thats Pearl to you and me.
Well, actually, my Mum is celebrating but Jamesy still believes he’s in the RAF and waiting for his call up orders, living in India while his orders are coming through…..

Steph, aka scary baby sis driver of HGVs, is taking these two lovely wrinklies out to lunch. We’ve told her that Jim is already “out to lunch” but we agree Mum needs a break.

Seriously, 30 years is a very long time – made harder by ill health over the past 12 ish. Don’t know about pearls but we all think my mum is a diamond for the love and care she gives Jim. He deserves it but its a heartbreaking task most days.

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Jim. Hope to see you very soon xx
ps Tons of love to Steph too. You are a little leopardskin angel……xxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News