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23rd April 2020

Peaceful Peyia

Like most of us, there are many moments right now, which seem to fill with fear and dread and pull me down to a level I don’t want to be at.

The last few days have been very difficult: why? Because I’m stupid! Basically, I’ve allowed the noise from the media to get into my soul, then added a big dollop of guilt by reading how many wonderful people are doing incredible things to raise money /help others and I’m ”only” concentrating on helping villa owners, who are facing a very tough summer and holiday makers whose holiday dream is shattered .

I’ve felt inadequate by not doing anything ”spectacular” or being able to help in what seems to be judged as a good, kind, manner : I’m simply keeping my head down, caring for our team and trying to ensure they are all okay and working unpaid, from home, trying to ”do the right thing”…..

A person with a brain, I want to be part of being able to help solve this terrible crisis, even if by being strategic rather than scientific – but it’s not my job.

A person with a heart, I want to love everyone and every animal around me, keeping them safe and warm, fed and watered – but my reach is limited to my bit of the world so that’s what I’m focusing on.

A person with a soul, I’ve let the pain of this broken world come in too close and floor me for a while : how have we reached this point in the universe? but today, this all stops….

”A journey begins with a single step” and, sitting here listening to bird song whilst looking out at the magnificence of the hillside and coastline of Peyia, I’m counting my blessings and reminding myself of how we came to be here and why it’s important to do all I can do – and remembering that all I can do, is enough.

The noise and rush of ”past life” struggle and achievements, pain and purpose brought us here to live in Peyia. We came for quiet, peace, gentleness and to embrace every moment that life offers, naturally. We’ve built businesses which now have 17 staff to feed and care for – and those staff have families/dependents , so we need to be doubly sure we are watching over them while they do their necessary work at this time…We are doing our best.

The real pull of Peyia is the peace it offers.It’s not a place for fast living/shopping/thrill seeking. It’s the feeling of genuine love and friendship in the air. The sense of the stories the hillsides could tell and the strength that the sea has in protecting and holding the island of Cyprus. It’s a truly special place to be, a fact magnified in this terrible time.

For Peyia people and people everywhere, surely it’s got to be about listening to your heart and soul – and taking one step at a time in the uncertainty that is our world at the moment. No one of us change the moment but every single one of us can change how we see the challenge – and count our blessings that we are riding through this difficult journey, doing our bit while we travel, trusting the destination.

I woke up today with the image that each of our lives is a gift box. We’ve been handed the box now and this time is the time to unwrap the paper and see what’s really inside….. Too easy just to ”buy life off a shelf” and too scary sometimes to delve deep – but I believe it’s the purpose.

Thank you , to everyone who is making this world better during this time; to those working tirelessly to nurse/heal/find solutions and provide the road map.

And to those of us who, like me, sometimes lack the confidence to accept their own tiny piece of purpose in the tapestry of this beautiful Universe, find peace. It’s all as it is. It’s all going to be okay.

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