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4th September 2017

peace perfect peace…

There was a moment late yesterday afternoon when, sitting in the garden on the hillside here in Peyia, I realized that there wasn’t a sound to be heard.

The village was so very quiet: no traffic; no dogs barking; no laughter from the pools in the villas and complexes – just beautiful stillness and silence. It was simply peaceful.

Like many, I’m a worrier and take far too much on myself – or actually, let far too many worries into my heart and soul ; worries which are not mine to hold nor should they disturb the joy I feel from being alive – but, despite my husband’s view, I am human and , now and again, the gremlins get in.

Spending a couple of hours at home in Peyia, with our furry gang, sat in the garden just ”being”, was the ‘holiday” I needed. A pure time of peace in a busy life and brain. I’d recommend it!

So, today, I’m awake, refreshed and ready to help! Give yourself some timeout in this paradise. For villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, plus the benefit of wall to wall winter sunshine, email for offers to

Category: Cyprus Villas News