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1st January 2010

Paying the price?

Its been a very beautiful but sad day here in Peyia,. With the sun in the heavens, the happy holidaymakers have been out enjoying themselves to the full – but I’ve driven around looking after them, with a very heavy heart. Why? Because I’m totally useless: Tony has flown off to America today, so do his Pool Inspectors Course and I feel totally lost!

Its ridiculous that, after 27 years together, most of the last 5 weeks of which have been spent arguing due to the tensions of this forthcoming inspectors test, that I feel so lost without him today. I’ve been able to eat chocolate without worrying and potter about doing nothing in particular when I’d finished work but that still hasn’t helped.

Luckily Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou were there to give me a cuddle and VERY large GnT – which has helped a bit and for which I’m grateful.

Its an excellent thing Tony is doing: helps keep the pools we look after, much safer and more healthly – and is a first for Cyprus BUT doesn’t help me feel any better tonight!. Roll on the 12th………cannot wait to have a good old row with Belly bones again!

Category: Cyprus Villas News