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1st January 2010

Pawsing the call….

There we were, sitting quietly in front of the fire, enjoying the cold evening and watching TV rubbish, when Jake rushes in carrying “something black”..

We weren’t too worried: the black thing wasn’t wiggling, didn’t seem to be a live thing but it did seem to be causing him some difficulty as the tried to chew it.

Looking closer, it was Tonys new I-phone; and sadly, its doesn’t have an App for dealing with monster puppy who wants to eat it! I think we should refer Jake to the manufacturers and ask him to help them refine this particular model….Jake obviously needed something to get his teeth into and possibly a good old chin wag with a fellow animal might have done the job!

I’m doing checkins tonight at St Killians Villa in Coral Bay: I’ll leave Jake my mobile number in case he wants to tell me anything whilst I’m out!

Category: Cyprus Villas News