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11th February 2011

past lives, present memories

I am convinced Molly Mou used to be a kangaroo. She can jump really high, walks around on her back legs when she wants your attention and loves hot weather, not cold. Jake was a man and he is now living in his “jake suit” but hasn’t taken the transition to dog, sitting on the settee, drinking tea or gin and tonic. He stops short of talking but doesn’t bark, preferring to sing or grunt ( a bit like Tony!).
Alfie is a gentleman: he’s loving, patient and so very happy – perhaps he was a “mother” in a past life and now takes care of us…….

Charlie cat is one on his own: definitely female tendencies in past life as he never stops talking, loves company and likes to complain. I see him as a teenager come back to get us!

In my next life, I’m coming back as an animal (no, not a dog: I’ve said that before and been laughed at!). I want a home like ours and parents like us………….and lots of lots of chocolate!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News