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1st January 2010

Parlez vous les passports?……..

Vanessa and I have just finished Sat school. Vanessa joined year one a few weeks ago and I’m now suffering year two , so we cross in the playground of Peyia school, Vanessa looking relieved and me, terrified!

We were comparing notes on our understanding and she made me laugh when she told me she’d gone to ask the lady in the supermarket how she was and instead, asked her if she was “cold milk”……

My faux pas’ are far worse: I’ve ordered a bank in a restaurant instead of a table (trapeza and trapezee – if you are interested ) and have told a man in my best French, that his son had a cat sitting on his head, when I meant to say the sons hat had fallen off!

Vanessa got a text to say someone wanted yoga lessons and was Vanessa “interesting?” The lady wanted wed nights….. and a friend of ours asked for a kilo of male naughty bits instead of a kilo of apples – which sent the ladies at the fruit counter, into hysterics!

Thankfully, I can order white wine, fish and bread easily – but I don’t like fish. Hopefully , this will be the “misuse of language diet”.

Reminds me of years ago when Tony and I did private French lessons (!). We were congugating verbs and separating masculine and feminine when the teacher asked us for the plural of “Passport”….tony replied “Les Passport” with the emphasis on the LES….”No”, i quipped, “He’s the man we met on the flight home from Nice……..

“Was he” said the innocent teacher – and we had lessons no more……..

Anyway, kalinichta sas, bon nuit and sleep well.

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