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1st January 2010

Paradise found

We live in paradise. Yes, WE live in paradise here in Peyia, Cyprus but we all live in paradise if only we’d recognise it. I’ve no doubt that the people reading this have food, water, clothing, homes, family, friends, probably cars – and are considering holidaying here in a villa in Coral Bay – but I’ve seriously stopped today and realised again that we really all do live in paradise….

Today, a little girl who lives locally, aged 4, is in Israel where she has been flown for a life saving operation to remove a brain tumour. Her parents are anxious enough but also lacking in health care so need financial help. Thank god, the local people here are rallying around. I’ve just turned on the TV and watched even more about the devastation in the fires in California; the children orphaned in Portugal and other, daily awful, tragic happenings…………life can be very cruel.

So I’ve stopped moping about, cleaned my oven (ohmigod, this is serious), put a homemade lasagne in the now very clean oven and I’m going to sit back and relax and think about how lucky I am.

Just need to get Alfie , Jake and Molly off the settee then I’ll perch in my favourite seat and contemplate the world.

I’m writing a blog and shouldn’t be too serious but sometimes you just have to stop and take stock – and I’m so grateful to be where I am, doing what I’m doing and being with my family (people and animal) – and its no bad thing to remember that fact.

Holidays bring out the best and worst in people. Perspective is what its all about for us. We try our best; are honest and open plus always consistently there but the phrase , “you cannot win them all”, is totally true. Taps fall off; beds break (don’t ask!); and blinds fall down (especially when guests swing on them!) but overall things go on as they should…..

We keep perspective by asking ourselves, “Is the toilet the right height?” and attend to anything requiring attention with speed and good humour……..Starting today, I’m also going to keep reminding myself that a persons paradise is of their own making and choose to recognise paradise around me. For our guests, we will continue to sincerely welcome them to this Coral Bay/Peyia paradise but ask them to “find” it for themselves – not just here but all around their lives.

Thought for the day, “Be kinder than you need to be – people are fighting battles greater than you’ll ever know”. Wishing your world to be a peaceful one.