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1st January 2010

Pampered pooch

Jake has been for a pamper day today. He was meant to just be getting a haircut but he has ended up spending the whole day in the parlour, having a pamper. Part of the reason was that his hair was very long and the rest was that the 4 year old daughter of the salon owner, loves Jake (who is three times her size) and wanted to keep washing him then going with her mummy to take him for a walk.

This big silly puppy had a ball. When we went to collect him, he didn’t want to come home! I took him to the office where he happily spent a further 2 hours being spoilt by everyone who called in. He looks very handsome : all of his markings are on show from his spotty legs to the “saddle” he is wearing on his back.

I”ve a few checkins to villas in Coral Bay tonight and I’m very tempted to take Jake with me for both safety (mine) and pleasure (mine too- he is a lovely pup and very, very affectionate).

Don’t quite know how well a 12 stone spotty/stripey but sweet smelling puppy will go down though! Could be worth a try!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News