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1st January 2010

Painting by numbers…..

One of the hardest things about looking after beautiful holiday villas and apartments in Coral Bay and Peyia, is that they are so pretty, I always want to come home and ‘do things’ to our rooms
For example, Karens Sunshine Villa in Coral Bay has been freshly decorated and looks great! Villa Sea View has been freshen up and really looks welcoming and smart. Lily May has a new pool border and the garden is in full bloom…… I decided we ‘did’ and cleaned Charlie cats room out and bought paint/new bedding and new curtains…

Tony was happy about this – till I asked if he’d decorate the room . Reluctantly he agreed and today, he started but not without incident!:
– apparently ‘my ‘ brushes weren’t the right texture
– the paint the expert sold me, was ‘too runny’ which is why its on the rug
– ‘my’ cat and his friend Gus, put Tony off trying to reach up and paint near the ceiling AND ‘I’ had left a cobweb there……

Still, ‘we’ have painted one wall – slowly and with not too many grumbles but ‘we’ have had to stop because eg ‘we’ couldn’t start till the programme about pirhanas had finished on the TV – and the football is about to start, so ‘we’ have to ‘let one wall dry’ before doing any more……..

Methinks I’ll have to brave bad brushes/cobwebs and cats and finish the room myself when the clock hits the ‘I’ve got to meet Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, at The Mill’, strikes…….

Oh well, its a start…………….

Category: Cyprus Villas News