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1st January 2010

Packed lunch and pocket money

Tony has been landscaping the gardens of new villas in the Coral Bay and Latchi areas over the past few weeks. Helped by Ray, who thought he’d come here to retire!, with input from Paul, who has just recently joined our team, Tony has spent many long, hot days digging and toiling.

The garden he is currently doing is for a magnificent villa in Coral Bay: its high on the coastline and not close to any shops, so Tony has taken a packed lunch to work each day with him.

Each morning, the dogs and cats (Charly in particular), have sat and watched the lunch being prepared – and Charly has learnt that, when I’m not looking and Tony is distraced (probably by me talking too much!), Charly pounces and steals the filling for the sandwiches.

This morning, Charly wasn’t quick enough: having just wrapped salmon and cucumber butties (come on, we are British!!), along with some lovely Scottish shortbread fingers, Jake decided it was his turn and jumped up to the breakfast bar and stole the lot!

Now, if you’ve ever tried getting any food off a dog, you’ll know it isn’t easy: try it with an 11 stone Akita puppy and you’re on a losing streak! So he ate all.

Not content with that, Jake then completed his breakfast with a 50 euro note which Tony had left on the table near his own breakfast plate………….

Cashback? I don’t think so………

Category: Cyprus Villas News