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1st January 2010

Pack it in!

The season has started in earnest: skies are blue , with cotton buds floating across them and the waves are crashing against the shores, saying goodbye to the changing waters and hello to the gentleness of a long, hot summer. Arrivals have started too: today, we’re welcoming some lovely people back to Cyprus and others, who are first time guest of ours. To help the UK monetary situation, many of our owners have made excellent offers for villas in early Spring – and those offers have meant we are ready to begin to share the hospitality of this lovely place with customers old and new.

I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe though: my excitement at the pleasure of the work we do, is dampened by the sadness of having just packed up all of my Mum and stepfathers belongings into a container, ready for it to sail back to UK – with them following at the end of March.

I’m sad because I’ll not be able to see them every day – and tired because the trauma of getting their goods in transit, has been huge! Mum doesn’t seem to want to leave now and poor old Jim doesn’t really know what is going on but is totally confused by the fact that his car has been “stolen” off the drive – and that the house he left for a few hours on Friday, is now completely furnished in a new and modern manner and he isn’t sure where he is!

Friday was totally terrible! Had it now been for the patience and help of the removal company, Peter Morton Removals Ltd and their team of good natured young men, I’d have strangled the wrinklies then probably myself! Things didn’t go according to plan – but that was more to do with the fact that my Mum started the day wanting to flirt with the packers and ended it, crying buckets into a very large (8th) glass of brandy and asking them just to leave her “with her memories and the empty house!” . Which they did. Unfortunately, some of her belongings weren’t packed up and needed to be – and remain in the newly furnished house while I work out what to do with them. Other bits, including the TV bits and bobs, were packed up and shouldn’t have been! Cannot blame the team at all- blame myself for leaving my Mum to it for an hour while I did some of my day job – and the world for not yet finding a cure for dementia which meant every 20 mins my stepfather walked back along from the neighbours to ask what was going on and why the men were stealing his possessions!……..

Still, its Sunday evening. Mum and Jim are safely in their home here still, albeit a different looking home which is destined for rental when they return – and my poor little baby sister is in UK enjoying what is going to be one of her last Sundays before “The Return of Mother”!

God help her – but god help my parents more! Where do we start to find the love and care they need in this completely crazy world – and will Jim accept the delivery of goods at the UK end and believe they REALLY are his? I’ll let you know. For now, a large glass of wine beckons!