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27th July 2019

over thinking?

what a day it’s been! One of those when the smallest things have caused me to have a mini meltdown – yet nothing out of the ordinary has happened!

We’ve had flights arrive early which has been a challenge for the housekeeping team, doing changeovers – and flights arrive very late which has seen me only just get in from welcoming guests to their villas – and guests who’ve been very messy and left a villa in a bit of a state: but really, it’s business as usual.

I think I must be coming down with something coz I’ve swung from being weepy to being completely paranoid. Take the journey down to the last check in of the night: first, I’d left the roof off my car so got into it believing the ”love snakes” ‘who live in our wall and are always cuddling, were hiding under the seat waiting to get me! Then I’d forgotten the key to the villa, so had to open the very dark office and imagined bogeymen jumping out! Getting back into the snake free car, (Yes, I put the lights on and checked), I realised I’d run out of petrol so free wheeled down the hill praying to arrive at the petrol station before stopping – only to find it was shut! ARGH! Course they do have a ”notes’machine” – but I didn’t have any dosh so I had to risk driving back to Bogey man office and ”stealing ” from our petty cash.

When I got back to the petrol station, I couldn’t work out how to use the machine! More tears – and a knight in shining armour – or rather a bus driver coming off duty who knows me and came to help.

Still, it’s all well. The last guests in, who were over 4 hours late, LOVE their villa and , as it’s their first time in Cyprus, I know how much they are going to love their holiday and this experience.

For me, it’s bed time. I’ve made a milky drink to try to calm my too active mind. Barney is checking under the bed for me to make sure nothing is hiding there and I’ve closed all of the blinds to keep the night outside!

Stressed, moi? Yep, I think , just a little bit.

But I’ll be back to ”normal” tomorrow so please send your enquiries in for villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations. That said, my normal may not be yours so you may get a few stories attached to your bookings reply!

Category: Cyprus Villas News