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1st January 2010

Out of the woods and into the red…..

I’m thinking its time the animals each got a job. I’ve stopped their pocket money already due to the sheer number of breakages in our home – and items which Jake has stolen from friends and we’ve had to replace…..

Now, thanking god that Alfie is going to be fine, we’ve to begin the “new regime ” on food and medicine for him – which is fine but very, very expensive. Of course, he is worth every whisker but money doesn’t grow on trees and its seems his medicine must be from some rare Bolivian tribe who have to hand deliver it wheader=Out of the woods and into the red….., I’m thinking its time the animals each got a job. I’ve stopped tovers, dust with his tail and sit on your knee to keep you company when you are watching TV. Molly will cuddle and love you to bits, so she’d make a great companion; Charlie keeps you fit as you never know when his play fight will turn into real Charlie temper and you’ve got to be ready to get out of his way.

Alfie, well he is the gentleman dog: he’d have made a perfect butler or manservant. He never complains, is always obedient and is totally faithful and generous in his affections. Thinking about it, he’d make a good doggie gigolo: will get his strength up and see if any of the owners of lady dogs would like a Christmas pressie for their animal.

Mind you, he has to be home each night by 9pm. Will not accept anything except good manners and doesn’t like raised voices, so this had better be a well behaved and totally charming potential girlfriend dog for him………I’ll collect the dosh!

Mmmm. This could work. Now all I need is to keep Tony suitably employed over this Festive, quieter for villa holidays period and things could just work out!

Category: Cyprus Villas News