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1st January 2010

Out of the mouths of babes…..

I was enjoying a “posh” cuppa this morning with Georgina, the lovely lady who owns St Killians Villa in Coral Bay. We are talking about how the villa has settled and how great the garden is looking and she made me laugh by telling me that, when the taxi drew up outside of the villa, her son Killian, aged 2 and very, very cute, began clapping his hands and saying, “killians house, killians house”……he had remembered the villa and the fact that it was named in his honour!

It makes you realise just how much children do take in – and how careful we’ve got to be to explain everything carefully. We’ve had some giggles with the children of some of our holiday makers. One particular couple were telling us how small the bedrooms of the villa they’d stayed in, in Tenerife a few weeks ago – and their 8 year old chipped in, “It was SO small, Daddy had to lie on top of Mummy in bed…”……..Whoops!

Another adorable little girl was in our office and we were chatting when she got very upset because I’d told her there was a tiger next to her villa! I’d actually said, Yvonne lived next door to her and that Yvonnes cat was called Tiger – but the little one only heard part of it!

Probably my favourite was the wonderful grandson of a guest last year, who we’d bumped into in the Italian restaurant one night. Not content with his family as company, Harry (aged 4), began to drag his chair to each of the other tables in turn, joining the people for their food coz he’d eaten his own! He was very sociable – and very bossy, telling his fellow diners what he wanted to talk about and when!

We’ve more arrivals tomorrow – cannot wait to see what tales I’ll have to tell after checkins!

Category: Cyprus Villas News