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1st January 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Oh, what joy! It was a tough assignment to assist one of our villa guests in Coral Bay but somebody had to do it! Could I possibly babysit their most gorgeous 6 month old baby girl for one hour whilst they enjoyed their last night meal in La Vigna, the Italian restaurant at the top of the Coral Bay strip? Could I? You bet I could!

I spent the loveliest hour just strutting up and down past the bars, shops and restaurants of Coral Bay, saying hello to more of our holiday villa guests and just smiling when asked if this lovely creature was my granddaughter! Oh how I wish she was!

Tony accompanied me – I think he is more baby mad than I am! We strolled and played peek-a-boo, had coffee with Kyri in Chic Chocs cafe and people watched whilst showing off our charge to all and sundry. It was lovely.

There is something so magical about the feel of a babys skin next to yours or their little hands clutching your fingers! I showed this lovely child where to go to choose her diamonds when her handsome prince comes along – in at least another 40 years of course! – and where the best places to eat were. She was totally nonplussed but we were in our element!

Even her quite voracious screams as our duties due to a close couldn’t dim the pleasure we’d had, looking after her and playing “pretend grandparents ” for a while. It was great.

Sadly, the family have flown home today and another lovely family have taken their place in the villa in Coral Bay. The children don’t look like they need our help – though Tony is totally ready to look after the gorgeous 19 year old girl, should she need a chaperone or worse! (He’s big hearted, my husband!).

Oh well, there’ll be another baby along soon so I’ll have to influence the next parents to have a quiet time while Tony and I play make believe again!

“Now you read me, now you don’t……”

Category: Cyprus Villas News