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8th February 2014

Out of the mouth of a woman…

Its a beautiful , sunny and warm morning here in Peyia. Going about my normal Saturday morning ‘business’, I called in to the chemist near the bakery and was passing the time of day with the wonderful young lady who owns the place. We were debating how lucky we are to be alive, healthy and appreciative of our ‘lot’, while I bought the ‘magic’ herbal supplements which are helping me sail into middle age without too many difficulties…….

Exchanging smiles as I left the chemist, I promptly fell flat on my face, breaking the glass on the bottles I was carrying as well as putting my tooth through my lip/cutting my hand and elbow and (it now transpires), causing a huge dark and angry bruise to develop on my hip!……….

That will teach me for being healthy and happy! I could have broken my arm and hip – but, because I’m traditionally built, I only bruised. So now am happy for being traditionally built but am watching where I’m walking, very carefully!

Category: Cyprus Villas News